The following signs may indicate someone is considering suicide:

What a Person Might Do:

  • does not want to do things they used to love doing
  • gave an unusual interest in death or violence
  • give away important possessions
  • change in friendships and/or school performance
  • mood swings or change in personality
  • shows signs of an abusive relationship
  • neglect their appearance
  • change in eating or sleeping habits
  • struggle with gender identity
  • fall victim to bullying
  • physical symptoms
  • experiment with risky behavior

What a person might feel:

  • depressed
  • sad
  • hopeless
  • desperate
  • unloved
  • angry, irritable
  • no energy or enthusiasm
  • withdrawn

What a person might think or say:

  • talk or write about suicide or death
  • say they have made a plan to kill themselves
  • get a weapon or something else that might hurt themselves
  • say things like:
    • you’ll be better off without me
    • what’s the point of living?
    • soon you won't have to worry about me